Healthy Back to School Habits

Back to school season is like a second new year. We promise ourselves that this year things will be perfect. The new school season is the best time to start working on developing new healthy habits. Aside from new clothes and school supplies, we should consider our children’s health as a priority. Here are some healthy habits to work on and start practicing from day one.

Breakfast is Essential
One of the best habits you can instil in your children is starting the day with a healthy breakfast. Avoid sugary options and focus on intake of foods that are high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This will ensure the increase of concentration and energy throughout the day- better performance in the classroom as well as in physical activities. Skipping breakfast altogether will result in tired children who are unable to focus.

Keep Hydrated
Water is our life source. There are many benefits to drinking water including flushing out toxins, avoiding dehydration, help with gastrointestinal issues, and increasing energy and productivity. Make sure to send your little ones to school with a bottle of water that they can drink and refill throughout the day.

Put the Screen Away
With technology being so prevalent, it is important for kids to disconnect. Too much time in front of the TV, phone or computer screen can make it hard to fall asleep at night, increase anxiety and attention problems and ultimately sway your child away from the real world. Focus on doing an activity together, whether it be going for a walk outside or setting up a game of monopoly.

Get Moving
After all that time spent sitting in a classroom, it’s no wonder that children have an abundance of energy. By either enrolling them in a sport or participating in an activity together like taking a bike ride after dinner, you’ll ensure that their extra energy has an appropriate outlet. Instead of acting up at school, they’ll use their fuel for something fun. Sports also offer important lessons about team building and problem solving.

Get them Checked Out
Last but not least, schedule a health checkup. If you’re busy and unable to take the kids out, then download our MedVisit app and request a doctor to come to you, wherever you are. Our English speaking doctors make it easy for you get the attention you need!