How MedVisit is Making Tourism Accessible

September 27th is World Tourism Day. It is a day that brings the focus on making tourism accessible. Tourism is beneficial from economic, cultural, social and political standpoints.

From an economic perspective, tourism can open new markets, create jobs, and bring a new source of revenue into the city or country in question. These new earnings may allow for further development and prosperity, especially in poorer countries or countries that are not rich in natural resources or technologies.

From an individual perspective, tourism can completely transform one’s point of view. Getting lost in a new unknown place, experiencing new cultures, new food, meeting new people is exciting. It is also eye-opening. It´s easy to become used to the daily life you lead. Knowing the ins and outs of your own surroundings is comfortable. Visiting a foreign place forces you to adapt and test different skills that perhaps you didn’t even know you had.

World (Accessible) Tourism Day

The idea behind the United Nations World Tourism Day is to make tourism accessible. Accessible means creating an environment that accommodates everyone’s needs, whether at home or travelling. This does not mean only for people who have disabilities. This could also mean for people who may be temporarily disabled, the elderly population or even those travelling with small children. At one point or another, we will all benefit from accessible tourism.

MedVisit and Accessible Tourism

The basis of MedVisit, both the company and the application, is making healthcare accessible. A significant number of our patients are tourists, travellers, individuals who travel for business and expats. Because these people are outside of their home or community, they don’t have access to their usual healthcare programs or professionals. Perhaps they are not mobile or don’t have time to spend hours waiting for medical attention.

MedVisit offers a solution to this problem. If someone feels ill, they can use our services to request a doctor to come to them, wherever they are. Our doctors will visit a patient in the comfort of their home or hotel. Instead of asking the patient to come to us, we travel to them. This offers our patients a new type of relationship with healthcare and medical attention; one that is ultimately more intimate and more accessible.

Happy Travelling!