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Medical Certificates

Fit to fly and medical leaves of absence when indicated

The goal of MedVisit is to provide you with quality medical care when you are away from home. We know that it is a delicate moment so the system to request a doctor’s visit through the platform is very intuitive. In addition, at the end of a medical visit, you can ask our doctors to make a certificate or note that certifies your state of health and can help you catch a flight or justify an absence.

Fit to Fly
In some special situations airline companies may request that you present a medical certificate proving that you are able to fly and that there is no risk for you or the company if you board on the flight. This documentation, which may also be required by the travel insurance company is usually required if you have suffered an injury and you have limbs in plaster or if you have suffered a serious health problem. Getting this certificate when you are away from your environment, in another country, can be more stressful and more complex. MedVisit makes it easier and our team of doctors can also help you in this situation. In this case you can also request a doctor’s visit through the platform. After the visit and the necessary tests, our doctors can provide you with the necessary certificate so that you can present it to the airline company.

Sick leave notes
If you attend a training course or your are working in some of the cities in which MedVisit is present, the MedVisit team can also help you and provide you with reports that you are ill and that you need rest, apparently if there is a health reason that justifies it. In these cases, after a thorough medical examination, the doctor will make a diagnosis and provide you with the recommendations and recipes necessary for your recovery, in addition to a note that will serve as a justification of your absence to present at work center or study center.