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Urgent care for children of all ages

It’s not easy planning a trip with kids, even when everyone is on their best behavior and as healthy as possible. Traveling with children means planning much more than you would if it were just you or you and your partner together. You’ve got to make sure there are fun activities planned, but you also have to make sure everywhere you go will be a safe environment for them. Packing becomes a challenge as well when you have to make your daughter leave her extensive book collection at home and just bring one or two, or when you need to remember to bring some band-aids or antiseptic spray just in case.

When traveling with your kids, it’s also extremely important to prepare in case one of them gets ill or hurt. It’s not something we want to think about, but as we want them to have the most fun, educational, memorable experience while traveling, their health is not something we can forget about.

While you’re abroad, you can be sure you won’t have to worry about a thing. It takes 2 minutes to to request a doctor through the MedVisit online platform and you can get a doctor to your hotel room or apartment whenever you need. 

MedVisit offers fast, friendly, carefully-selected care for your child. Request a doctor through the platform and we’ll be at your doorstep taking care of your kid. Our team are experts in home health care for children and adults, and they all speak english fluently. Our carefully-selected, english-speaking doctors are here for you and your children so you can get back to your family vacation as soon as possible.

Our doctors in every city have been trained to offer solutions to every health-related need you, your child, or adolescent may have while abroad. We offer check ups, consultations, and emergency care. We offer diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, animal bites, allergies, injuries, and more. If your child needs additional treatment, an x-ray, or a shot, our international resources allow us to refer you to a top clinic or hospital nearby. We are here for you and your child.

Going on a trip with your little ones can be a wonderful experience for all involved, and with proper preparation you can be ready for any unexpected health-related problems. Keeping them entertained and safe are all you’ll need to worry about when we’ve got their health taken care of.