Medical assistance for yacht crew


Need a doctor in your yacht? No problem.


When sailing, one of the most important things you need to know in every port you land is where to find a doctor. This is specially important when you have a whole yacht crew joining you.

In your travel you may need a doctor to get you a medical certificate or a recipe you forgot at home. It is also likely that someday you will need a professional to examine you or one of the other crew members. We know this can be a problem when sailing because you’re always moving from one place to the other and you might find yourself in a foreign place.

If you’re sailing to one of our cities and find yourself in need of an English speaking doctors, you’re in luck! We got you covered. MedVisit offers every medical service you may need for your yacht crew.


Medical certificates


When sailing, you may forget a specific certificate at home or even forget that one you already have is soon to be expired. This situation can be scary because sometimes just a simple piece of paper can stop you from going everywhere, cost you a penalty fee in the port you’re landing or even get you in trouble with the authorities.

If you or one of your yacht crew members need a medical or a fit-to-travel certificate, we’re your best choice in our city. Our doctors are authorized to deliver certificates accepted by all EU countries and every security checkpoint you cross during your stay in Spain.

We will also guide you through the whole process of legalizing a document in our country if needed. MedVisit is committed to help you so you can just focus in enjoying your stay as much as possible, no worries needed!


Medical assistance in yachts


Being sick in a foreign country can be scary, and being sick in a port can be even worse than that! Security and health meassurements nowadays can put you or one of your crew members in quarantine if they find you’re sick during your travel, and they will request several medical reports in order to let you transit through the country or just land at one of our ports.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need medical assistance or a doctor to visit you and give you a professional diagnosis of your health condition, don’t hesitate to call us. One of our English speaking doctors can go to wherever you are and give you proper a diagnosis and recipe if you need one.

If you need another kind of assistance or if you need to go to a medical center, our doctors will also take care of every specific detail so you don’t have to worry.




Life in the sea comes with a lot of cramps, as boats are widely known to hold little space to move. Bad movements from sailing can also occur if you’re travelling on a boat.

If you’re in one of our cities and are in need for a fisiotherapist for you or one of your yacht crew members, call us. One of our English speaking doctors will visit you and set a date for fisiotherapy sessions if you need them.

Our doctors are also fit to give you any recipe you may need to buy medication for contractures and muscle relaxation in every drugstore around.


MedVisit is your best choice in land if you’re at the sea in one of our cities! Feel free to call us and book a visit.

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