Signs of Stroke. Do You Know Them?

Do you recognize the signs of stroke? Many of us have experienced stroke firsthand, be it with loved ones, or even ourselves. As common as they are, it’s understandable that stroke is the number 5 killer and the leading cause of disability. Acting quickly at the first signs can prevent someone you know from losing a major part of themselves.

What happens during a stroke?

There are two types of stroke. The most common type of stroke is ischemic, where a temporary blood clot blocks a blood vessel, preventing blood from reaching the brain. On the other hand, a hemorrhagic stroke happens when a weakened blood vessel may bleed or rupture and bleeds into the brain. Whatever kind of stroke it is, it can cause significant damage, disability and very often, death.

Signs of Stroke

Knowing the signs of stroke can mean a huge difference for yourself or a loved one. The important thing is to call the emergency number in your country as soon as one of these symptoms appear:

  • Numbness in the face, arms or legs, usually on one side of the body
  • Confusion, difficulty speaking, slurred speech
  • Trouble seeing, blurred vision in one or both eyes
  • Loss of balance or coordination, dizziness, with trouble walking
  • Sudden intense migraine

When you or someone you love shows any of these signs, stop and think FAST. FAST is an acronym that was created to help spread awareness about stroke and help identify the signs:

ace. Is it drooping on one side? Ask the person to smile and see if it is uneven.
rms. Can they lift them? Is it difficult to lift one more than the other?
S peech. Have the person to say a simple phrase. Is it strange or slurred?
ime. Time to call emergency!

It is of absolute importance to act quickly. An English speaking doctor would recommend getting the person to the hospital as soon as possible. Being in the care of nurses and 24hr doctors sooner can help drastically in their recovery and in preventing irreversible damage. Knowing the signs of stroke can help save a life.