Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cost reimbursable?

Yes. MedVisit’s consultations are covered and reimbursed by most health or travel insurance companies. As soon as the payment has been made you will get an invoice for you to claim it back from them.

Where is MedVisit Available?

MedVisit is available and registered in the European Union Countries, Australia and we hope to expand to USA soon.

What can the Doctors handle?
  • Doctors provide three types of visits: urgent care visits, physicals, and administering shots.
  • Doctors treat both adults and children.
  • Please note that MedVisit should not be solicited for emergency care. If you are having emergency, please dial 911 (USA), 112 (Europe) or 000 (Australia).
  • Medical prescriptions will be based on the examining doctor findings, natural history of the condition and current medical guidelines. It will never be in excess or without legitimate reason.
What if my condition is severe?

If your condition requires further testing, X-rays or admission, your visiting Doctor will refer you to the best possible hospital in your area.


A unique fee of 150€*, anytime, anywhere. The total price of your visit includes all fees (doctor, transportation, prescription delivery, etc). If additional services are necessary, you will be notified. Upon completion of your visit, you will receive an email invoice for charges applied to your credit card.

*Advertised price valid everywhere except UK and Austria.

Does it work with my Insurance?

MedVisit’s consultations are covered by most insurance and travel insurance companies. As soon as your visit is paid, you will get a corporate invoice for reimbursement from your insurance.