Traveling with kids presents its own challenges, even when everyone is feeling great. It means there are many more things to plan, like fun, kid-friendly activities and safety precautions; and many more things to pack, like games, coloring books, medicines and band-aids.


We all want our children to have the best, most educational, most memorable experience on vacation, but all of those intentions can become meaningless pretty quick if they start to not feel so well.


MedVisit offers friendly, high-quality care for your children during your stay or vacation request a visit through our platform and we’ll be at your hotel room or apartment in 45 minutes.


We are expertly trained in home health care, child care, and all fluent in English. Our carefully-selected, English-speaking doctors are ready to give your child the care they need so they can get those smiles back on their faces and continue their enriching experience abroad.


If your kid needs x-rays or shots, we have the resources to make that happen for you with our connections to top facilities. You can count on us to be there for you and your child when you need us.