All parents want their children to be healthy and fit. Whether your child has a fever or is running behind with his/her due shots, we at Medvisit are available to cater to all of your child’s medical needs from the comfort of your home.


Many health conditions may alarm parents and force them to seek medical care. If your child falls ill or is suffering from a health-related issue, you can book a telemedicine call with Medvisit and have the treatment prescribed by a qualified doctor. Our team of English speaking doctors is available 24/7 to assist you with any pediatric issue that may be affecting your child.


When Should You Seek Medical Help For Your Child?

If your child is suffering from the following, you should seek medical help and contact Medvisit.


  • A high fever that doesn’t come down.
  • Stomach infection which includes tummy cramps, fever, and frequent vomiting.
  • Toddler stops eating solid food.
  • A respiratory infection which includes a sore throat, fever, productive cough, difficulty breathing, or a tight chest.
  • Suffers from allergies and asthma.
  • Got injured.
  • Vaccinations are due.


We At Medvisit Will Take Care Of All Your Pediatric Needs

If you feel that your child is generally unwell or is suffering from a specific health issue, doctors at Medvisit can diagnose and treat your child’s issue over the phone. Your child’s health should not be taken lightly, and if he/she is suffering from a tummy ache or a fever, it is best to seek medical help.


Simply give us a call and get a consultation for your child without having to leave the house. If our doctor feels that there should be specific tests done, such as an X-ray or blood test, he/she will prescribe it and arrange it at the nearest facility. If your child has vaccinations that are due, our team of doctors can arrange an appointment for your child in the latest clinic.


We also have an application that you can download to speak to our doctor on a video call. If there is a cut, bruise, or swelling on any part of your child’s body that you want the doctor to see, you can show it on video via our application.


In case the situation is serious, we can send doctors to your house if they are in the vicinity.


Book A Telemedicine Call With Medvisit

At Medvisit, your child’s health is our top priority. If you feel that your child isn’t feeling well, pick up the phone and get an expert consultation from an English speaking doctor right in the comfort of your house.

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