Chronic Conditions


Health Care for people with chronic conditions.


Travelling is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful opportunities that no one should miss. Our cities offer you thousands of possibilities to discover and surprise you every time you visit them. Before embarking on a trip, people who have a chronic health problem should consider more aspects. Getting enough medication for the entire trip, reports from your doctor and information about where you can get medical attention if you have an emergency.


Our team of doctors also offer health care for patients with chronic problems. They can follow-up your situation and also administer the injections that you might need for your treatment.


Initially, these visits are made in the hotel room or the apartment where the person stays. When the patient calls, he or she can arrange the day and hour to have this check up. All our team of doctors speak English for the patients’ convenience.


After the visit, if the doctor realizes that it is necessary for the patient to be treated in the hospital, the same doctor will do everything needed for you to get transferred to the most appropriate center according to your pathology. MedVisit is associated with the best private hospitals in Spain. When one of our patients is transferred to these centers, he or she is treated immediately and effectively without language barriers.


We also count with a staff of nurses that will be more than happy to help you if you need any treatments, routine controls or follow-up of cases.


Our team of English speaking doctors is formed by highly qualified doctors specialized in general medicine, internal medicine, gynecology, sports. All of them are fully dedicated to offering you the best health care at home so you can continue with your plans.

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