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Chronic conditions

Health Care for people with chronic conditions

Traveling but you have run out of your medication? Are you following medical treatment and now that you are away from home you have doubts? Because of your health situation you need check-ups or a doctor on a regular basis? Now with MedVisit you can travel with peace of mind. The medical team of MedVisit can help you at all times and provide health care 365 days a year.

The team of English-speaking doctors treats patients with chronic health problems without them having to move from the hotel or apartment: treatments, injections, oxygen controls, blood pressure, glucose etc and medication prescription (if necessary ). In addition, our team of doctors can follow up on the patient during all the days spent in the city.

In this way you can continue with your plans, either visiting the city or participating in a congress or event with the peace of mind that you have an english-speaking doctor very close to you, just by a request through the platform.

The doctors are equipped with all the necessary equipment to give a complete medical attention to the patient. There are some situations in which they could even recommend the transfer of the patient to hospital. In these cases the same doctor will be responsible for managing the process so that the patient receives the best care at the hospital center.

If your trip includes visits to different cities, MedVisit can be even more useful since through the same platform, you can continue receiving medical follow-up with the same ease and guarantees. You just have to make sure in advance that in your next destination MedVisit is present.