Why Medvisit is better

Medvisit is with you now

When you think of a doctor, you’ll think of Medvisit.  After you try us for the first time, we are engaged for life.  We want it to be easy for you. Focus on what’s important.


Dr Andrés León
Founder and Chief Medical Officer


Holistic approach

The doctor will try to obtain the greatest understanding of your life and recent events.  Every little detail is important in order to achieve an accurate diagnosis. This picture of your life is greater without the limitations of being under a different than your house roof.


No need to talk about your condition only

With Medvisit there’s no rush.  Our doctors understand how important it is to listen and give good advice. Getting to know you better, will result in magnificent results!


Relationship based care

Seeing the same doctor again allows for better results, recovery and treatment options.

Once you book, Medvisit will assign the same doctor for follow-ups .


Honest and affordable

A unique 150€ fee per visit, including prescriptions, and reimbursable by most insurance companies.

You know our costs in advance.  No hidden fees or surprises.

Once you book, our AI enhanced platform will issue your numbered invoice that mut be accepted by you insurance company for immediate refund.


Tranquility of being in the best hands

When a health-related issue emerges, you want to be advised by the best. Our standard is set up so high that we are the only company exclusively working with 4- and 5-star hotels in Barcelona.

This is the result from an effort of keeping up with the latest technologies, events, and medical guidelines.