Is Psychotherapy For You?

September 25th is national Psychotherapy Day. There has long been a stigma surrounding psychotherapy and mental health. Some people believe that perhaps because there is nothing you can physically see, that any type of mental problem or suffering is a fabrication.

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Signs of Stroke. Do You Know Them?

Do you recognize the signs of stroke? Many of us have experienced stroke firsthand, be it with loved ones, or even ourselves. As common as they are, it’s understandable that stroke is the number 5 killer and the leading cause of disability. Acting quickly at the first signs can prevent someone you know from losing a major part of themselves.

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Healthy Back to School Habits

Back to school season is like a second new year. We promise ourselves that this year things will be perfect. The new school season is the best time to start working on developing new healthy habits. Aside from new clothes and school supplies, we should consider our children’s health as a priority. Here are some healthy habits to work on and start practicing from day one.

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