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Ah, winter. The season of lights, coats, skiing, hot chocolate, ice-skating, making snow angels, getting the flu … Wait, what? If you haven´t gotten it already, you probably know someone who has. According to WHO in...

Enormous meals, many sweets, and alcohol. They are, along with family reunions, the protagonists of Christmas' celebrations. A period of food overdose that finished, but the scales insist on reminding us of it every time...

Pharmacies in Barcelona Open 24 hours Being ill, especially in a foreign place, can be stressful. Being unable to fill a prescription at any time can be downright agonizing. Here, we consolidated a list of pharmacies...

When visiting Spain, particularly Barcelona, you will find that there is a reputation for high quality health care, both public and private. There are a number of specialty Doctors in Barcelona that operate in the...