How to lose Christmas extra kilos

Enormous meals, many sweets, and alcohol. They are, along with family reunions, the protagonists of Christmas’ celebrations. A period of food overdose that finished, but the scales insist on reminding us of it every time we weigh ourselves. We can’t go back, so if we want to recover the previous figure and forget these kilos gained recently, take note of the following recommendations that our team of english speaking doctors gives us.

7 keys to recover our figure

  • The first recommendation is clear: forget diets and miraculous products! All these which promise to help you lose weight very fast and without any effort. And Why? According to our team of english speaking doctors, these products or diets can damage our health by altering our metabolism and causing a deficit of some nutrients or even increase cardiovascular risk.

Once all the fashionable products are discarded these days, what options are there to forget about the Christmas banquet? Our doctors’ instructions are clear:

  • A balanced diet that guarantees all nutrients
  • 4 or 5 meals a day
  • Exercise
  • No alcohol
  • A lot of water
  • And finally one last advice: to have patience and perseverance. Our team remind us that we should not be obsessed, that small weight loss but constant over time is better. In this way we will avoid the rebound effect, that is, we will recover the lost weight or even surpass it when we stop the diet.

All of these guidelines can be maintained even if for some reason (work, family, etc.) you have to travel and change your routine for a while. A practical example is to replace the use of private transport with pleasant walks. If you have to attend business events try to choose balanced dishes where there are vegetables and bring a bottle of water that always reminds you of the importance of being hydrated.

In conclusion, our english speaking doctors remind us that the main concept is incorporating healthy habits into our daily lives and making it better with the advice of professionals.