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A few taps and just wait for the doctor to ring at your door.

Medical Visits

General medical consultations and treatment with necessary prescriptions

Preparing for a trip can be really exciting. We’ll plan and organize all the places we want to visit, everything we want to do, to know, to discover… but what we often forget to fit into our travel plans is what to do if we get sick.

Sometimes it only takes a simple change in our routine or diet to cause an onset of gastroenteritis or an allergic reaction, and lots of us don’t bring first-aid kits with us in our suitcases. Many times, our limited knowledge and the little medicine we do bring are just not enough when we suddenly don’t feel so well, have a fever, ear pain, or a sore throat.

Dealing with illness is especially difficult away from home, but it is something that is a lot easier to handle if you’ve prepared for it if it happens. It’s already a pain to get hurt or sick at home, but in a country where you don’t speak the language or know the correct protocol or who to go to can be a downright nightmare. With MedVisit you don’t have to spend time searching or go anywhere at all. Trough our platform you can skip the lines and out-of-towner fees at the hospital, and forget about having to struggle with the language on top of already not feeling well. When you request a visit, a doctor will come to your hotel room or apartment, diagnose you, and prescribe medical advice or medication if need be so you can get back to feeling great and continue with your travel plans as quickly as possible.

All MedVisit doctors are trained in urgent care, home health care, and treating illnesses as well as minor injuries. Our english-speaking doctors are carefully selected by us to ensure you get the best healthcare treatment while you’re on vacation.

MedVisit provides complete diagnosis and treatment for sprains, wounds, animal bites, cuts, ocular injuries, and most other injuries. If necessary, we can send you to a top facility nearby for additional treatment, x-rays, testing, or hospitalization. We will offer you medical advice and medical prescriptions when they are necessary as well, so that you can get back to your tour as quickly as possible. Our physicians are experts in diagnosis and giving you the best advice for continuing treatment if need be.

With MedVisit, you can feel safe knowing you have an excellent medical team at your fingertips whenever you need, wherever you are.



Urgent care for children of all ages

It’s not easy planning a trip with kids, even when everyone is on their best behavior and as healthy as possible. Traveling with children means planning much more than you would if it were just you or you and your partner together. You’ve got to make sure there are fun activities planned, but you also have to make sure everywhere you go will be a safe environment for them. Packing becomes a challenge as well when you have to make your daughter leave her extensive book collection at home and just bring one or two, or when you need to remember to bring some band-aids or antiseptic spray just in case.

When traveling with your kids, it’s also extremely important to prepare in case one of them gets ill or hurt. It’s not something we want to think about, but as we want them to have the most fun, educational, memorable experience while traveling, their health is not something we can forget about.

While you’re abroad, you can be sure you won’t have to worry about a thing. It takes 2 minutes to to request a doctor through the MedVisit online platform and you can get a doctor to your hotel room or apartment whenever you need. 

MedVisit offers fast, friendly, carefully-selected care for your child. Request a doctor through the platform and we’ll be at your doorstep taking care of your kid. Our team are experts in home health care for children and adults, and they all speak english fluently. Our carefully-selected, english-speaking doctors are here for you and your children so you can get back to your family vacation as soon as possible.

Our doctors in every city have been trained to offer solutions to every health-related need you, your child, or adolescent may have while abroad. We offer check ups, consultations, and emergency care. We offer diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, animal bites, allergies, injuries, and more. If your child needs additional treatment, an x-ray, or a shot, our international resources allow us to refer you to a top clinic or hospital nearby. We are here for you and your child.

Going on a trip with your little ones can be a wonderful experience for all involved, and with proper preparation you can be ready for any unexpected health-related problems. Keeping them entertained and safe are all you’ll need to worry about when we’ve got their health taken care of.

Chronic conditions

Health Care for people with chronic conditions

Traveling but you have run out of your medication? Are you following medical treatment and now that you are away from home you have doubts? Because of your health situation you need check-ups or a doctor on a regular basis? Now with MedVisit you can travel with peace of mind. The medical team of MedVisit can help you at all times and provide health care 365 days a year.

The team of English-speaking doctors treats patients with chronic health problems without them having to move from the hotel or apartment: treatments, injections, oxygen controls, blood pressure, glucose etc and medication prescription (if necessary ). In addition, our team of doctors can follow up on the patient during all the days spent in the city.

In this way you can continue with your plans, either visiting the city or participating in a congress or event with the peace of mind that you have an english-speaking doctor very close to you, just by a request through the platform.

The doctors are equipped with all the necessary equipment to give a complete medical attention to the patient. There are some situations in which they could even recommend the transfer of the patient to hospital. In these cases the same doctor will be responsible for managing the process so that the patient receives the best care at the hospital center.

If your trip includes visits to different cities, MedVisit can be even more useful since through the same platform, you can continue receiving medical follow-up with the same ease and guarantees. You just have to make sure in advance that in your next destination MedVisit is present.

Medical Certificates

Fit to fly and medical leaves of absence when indicated

The goal of MedVisit is to provide you with quality medical care when you are away from home. We know that it is a delicate moment so the system to request a doctor’s visit through the platform is very intuitive. In addition, at the end of a medical visit, you can ask our doctors to make a certificate or note that certifies your state of health and can help you catch a flight or justify an absence.

Fit to Fly
In some special situations airline companies may request that you present a medical certificate proving that you are able to fly and that there is no risk for you or the company if you board on the flight. This documentation, which may also be required by the travel insurance company is usually required if you have suffered an injury and you have limbs in plaster or if you have suffered a serious health problem. Getting this certificate when you are away from your environment, in another country, can be more stressful and more complex. MedVisit makes it easier and our team of doctors can also help you in this situation. In this case you can also request a doctor’s visit through the platform. After the visit and the necessary tests, our doctors can provide you with the necessary certificate so that you can present it to the airline company.

Sick leave notes
If you attend a training course or your are working in some of the cities in which MedVisit is present, the MedVisit team can also help you and provide you with reports that you are ill and that you need rest, apparently if there is a health reason that justifies it. In these cases, after a thorough medical examination, the doctor will make a diagnosis and provide you with the recommendations and recipes necessary for your recovery, in addition to a note that will serve as a justification of your absence to present at work center or study center.