Urgent care


Diagnosis and treatment for most illnesses and infections, with necessary prescriptions.


Minor health issues do take place at the most unthinkable time. Change in daily and food habits can easily cause gastroenteritis, flu, allergies or even food poisoning.


Long flights are also a common cause for circulation problems and even flu. Most of the health issues you may have when on vacation can be sorted out in 45 minutes wherever you are staying, by this we truly mean that we’ll happily visit you at your hotel room, boat, or apartment.


Any of our English speaking doctors after a complete telemedicine consultation or house call will be able to give you an appropriate diagnosis and based on this a prescription to get you well.


Our doctors are expertly trained in emergency and home health care and treating illnesses and minor injuries. Our english speaking doctors are handpicked by us to give you the best healthcare treatment while you’re here. We offer complete diagnosis and treatment for minor injuries, sprains, wounds, cuts, animal bites, and ocular injuries. If needed,


• Respiratory infection

• Pediatrics

• Strep throat

• Vomiting

• Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

• Abdominal pain

• Diarrhea

• Food poisoning

• Skin conditions

• Rash

• Ear infection

• Hangover

• Back pain

• Sprains

• Muscle and joint injuries

• Fever