Back Pain


One of the most common reasons people rush to the hospital or consult medical advice is for back pain. Constant agony can take an emotional and physical toll on a person where daily activities that once seemed too easy to perform can become a huge hassle.


If you or any family member suffers from acute or minor back pain, our expert and highly trained doctors at Medvisit are there 24/7 to assist you through our telemedicine session. You can call and talk to a certified doctor who will offer the best medical advice over the phone. Language won’t be a barrier if you need English speaking doctors as you can access both native and English speaking doctors at any time of the day or night.


Common Symptoms Of Back Pain

The following are a few symptoms that are associated with back pain, and if you suffer from any of these, book a telemedicine session with Medvisit.


  • A dull pain that radiates down your back and through your buttocks to your legs.
  • Constant pain in your back that doesn’t ease when you stand up or lie down.
  • A fever followed by weight loss.
  • Sudden swelling or inflammation on your back.
  • No control over bowel movements.
  • A numbing sensation around your buttocks or genitals.


We At Medvisit Will Help Relieve Your Back Pain

Back pain should never be ignored for too long as the results can be disastrous. If you feel any of the symptoms mentioned above coupled with pain initiated after a fall or injury, contact our certified team of doctors who will give you the best instruction on which medicine to take or which tests to run.


If you need someone to give you professional medical advice regarding your back pain while resting in your home, you can confidently talk to a certified Medvisit doctor to diagnose and prescribe medicine over the phone. If your condition is serious, your doctor will book an appointment for you in the nearest clinic for treatment or test.


Medvisit medical experts are readily available to help you on the phone and our application if you have downloaded it. Also, our doctors will visit you in case the situation required for in-person diagnosis.


Book A Telemedicine Appointment With Medvisit

If you suffer from acute or minor back pain, our experienced medical personnel are readily available to cater to your queries and prescribe medicines as per your condition.

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