Medical Certificates


Covid recovery certificate, Fit to fly and medical leaves of absence when indicated.

Covid recovery certificate


If you had covid-19 in the last 90 days and a POSITIVE test result from at least 7 days, we can provide you with a Covid Recovery Certificate  that will allow you to travel to your destination without doing any more tests looking for a negative result.


Fit to Fly Certificates.


When you have had a health problem or you are wearing a cast, your airline or travel insurance company may require a fit to fly certificate in order to know that you are in good shape to fly and that it would not be a risk for you or for them to have you on a plane. We can provide the certificate with just a normal consultation within 45 minutes wherever you are. Our english speaking doctors are equipped to provide all the required tests such as EKG, Oxygen saturation, blood sugar levels, determine eardrum lesions and blood pressure.


Sick Leave Notes


We can also issue sick leaves when indicated. If you are attending a course or working and there is a valid reason because you are not feeling well, our doctors will be more than happy to make a consultation, check on your health, prescribe what’s necessary and give you a valid note to present at your School, University or workplace.


If you would be in need of a medical certificate, contact us and we will give you the assistance and the care you need.

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