Skin Conditions


There are various unanticipated conditions that might affect our first line of defense – our skin that acts as a barrier against environmental damage. But sometimes, things such as harsh chemicals, radiations, allergic reactions, microbial invasion, and extreme temperatures and pressures can harm this protective layer.


The skin gets damaged, for which we need immediate action to rejuvenate our protective barrier and protect the internal organs inside.


There are different skin conditions that might prevail under special circumstances such as UV exposure, allergic reaction, or a burn. In case you experience any discomforting skin condition, Medvisit doctors can help treat the conditions.


What Are Some Different Skin Conditions?

The appearance of symptoms varies in terms of timing, type of skin condition, and intensity. Some major skin conditions include:


  • Sunburn
  • Burn injury
  • Skin allergy
  • Exposure to harsh and poisonous chemicals
  • Skin infection
  • Physical trauma on the skin


How Do Medvisit Help You?

If not treated in time, skin conditions can aggravate to a dangerous extent and can affect the quality of life of the individual. Dermatological emergencies are of special importance when it comes to speedy medical attention as multiple risks are involved.


To preserve the outer barrier as well as to rejuvenate the internal organs is the top priority of the medical staff when dealing with such conditions. In this case, telemedicine and in-house medical services come in handy, and this is where Medvisit telehealth services play an important role.


We connect you with experienced and licensed medical practitioners through in-house services and telemedicine care. These professionals will take in-depth history and diagnose your condition while considering the emergency at hand and prescribe you with effective and safe medications and other needed protocol in the process. We have native and English speaking doctors to take care of you on the phone and house-call. You can also use our app for video chat. It allows the doctor to evaluate your medical condition and give you guidance in seeking out medical assistance based on your symptoms and diagnosis.


If you are facing any emergency skin condition such as a burn, Medvisit will arrange for your treatment at the nearest medical facility to make sure you get the right medical protocol on time.


Book a telemedicine call with Medvisit and inquire about any skin condition you might be experiencing with experienced doctors.

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