Tips for sore throat relief

The last few weeks, our team of doctors is taking care of patients with a common problem: a severe sore throat. It’s not a serious health problem but it is annoying, especially in children, since in addition, it can produce general malaise. A problem that becomes important when you are away from home. You have some free days that you have already organized and planned with great enthusiasm with the help of internet and the tourist guide. You want to disconnect from your routine, discover a new place, disconnect but a sore throat shouldn’t make you change your plans!

That is why, with our medical team, we have put ourselves to work for providing you some tips that may be useful in case you or someone in your family suffers sore throat.

As in other cases it is important, before continuing, to remember that these indications are for people who do not have a previous pathology. In case of patients with chronic diseases, direct consultation by a doctor is always the best.

Woman suffering from sore throat

Calm the irritation

One of the first symptoms that our throat is inflamed (pharyngitis) is itching or irritation. Our team of doctors recommends that before the appearance of this sensation it is essential to drink fluids. Water can keep the throat moist. Also drink juices, infusions or broths, that will help to calm the sensation of irritation. In case of smoking, we should put away cigarettes for a few days since tobacco smoke is irritating.

Family travel

If we travel with family or friends, our doctors insist on paying attention to contagious factors. That’s why it’s important, remember, to wash hands more often, cover your mouth when coughing with a handkerchief and avoid sharing food and drink.


Pharyngitis can provoke tiredness, headache or muscle pain. So, if this is your case, the travel plans should include rest and relaxation.
Following these recommendations, after a few days in most cases, the pain disappears. If it is not like that or the problem gets worse with high fever, breathing difficulties or skin rashes, it is necessary to visit a doctor who can assess the problem and if it is necessary to prescribe antibiotics that help us overcome the infection.