It’s the season… for the flu

Ah, winter. The season of lights, coats, skiing, hot chocolate, ice-skating, making snow angels, getting the flu … Wait, what? If you haven´t gotten it already, you probably know someone who has.
According to WHO in the northern hemisphere  between 5-15% of the population will get the flu.

Cases of the flu this year have been characterized for being very contagious and affecting people of all ages, children and the elderly being the most vulnerable.
If you´re traveling, you may find it helpful to consult the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

In addition, here is a list of preventive measures from our doctors in Barcelona

* Get a flu shot
* Wash your hands with soap, often. Especially after having touched commonly used surfaces, like public transport or door handles.
* Keep your windows closed
* Sharing is caring – except during flu season. Don´t share glasses or utensils with other people without having washed them first.

Uh-Oh, you´ve caught the flu. What do you do now?

– Stay home and rest. If you´re traveling, this can be especially hard to hear. Staying and resting in your hotel room will help you recover quicker. Walking around is the best way to prolong your flu or make it develop into something worse. But with symptoms such as muscle pain and high fever, you most likely won´t want to go anywhere anyway
– Hydrate. Water, juices, and infusions are a good start. Avoid drinking anything with caffeine or alcohol in it as it will dehydrate you. Soup is your friend, too.

Resting, staying hydrated, and taking fever-reducing pain-killers should help you feel better in a few days. If you don’t feel better after a few days, consult a doctor.
To avoid queuing in a waiting room, consult with our team through a simple phone call. A doctor will be at your place within an hour without you having to move.
It is important to remember that those who suffer from chronic disease or respiratory problems should not wait to see a doctor.