Medical assistance for air crew


Need a doctor for your air crew?


Working in the travel industry can be really stressful. Airports and authorities can be really strict when it comes to sanity and conditions for travelling in an out of the country, requesting from a simple certificate to a detailed medical examination to determine any health issue if they find a suspecting sign of sickness in the air crew members.  Many obstacles can come to you when you’re travelling, but your air crew’s health doesn’t have to be one of those.

If you need a medical certificate or a doctor to pay you a visit at the airport or hotel, count on us. Our English speaking doctors are qualified to help you overcome any health-related issue you may find in your travel to Spain. We’re a team of experienced doctors committed to give you the best service possible when it comes to health.

If you’re coming to one of our cities, we can give you proper assistance for you and your air crew members.


Fast service right to your doorstep


We know time is very valuable when it comes to you and your cabin crew. When you book a visit with one of our doctors, our platform will look for the closest health professional that best suits your needs. In only 45″ you will have one of our doctors at your doorstep. Our doctors are also available 24 hours a day, so feel free to call us whenever you need us.

Our English speaking doctors are always ready when it comes to help!


Medical certificates for your crew members


Traveling usually comes with a lot of paperwork for you and all your cabin crew. Sometimes you may forget or lose that special certification that allows you to transit in our country. Though this situation sounds like a nightmare full of complications with migration authorities, it can turn out really good if you trust us.

If you or one of your air crew need a medical certification, we are your best choice in our city. We follow every rule estrictly to deliver certificates accepted by all EU countries.

If one of you is travelling with a special medical equipment, our team of English speaking doctors is qualified to certificate you’re in condition to fly. Our English speaking doctors will guide you through the legal process needed for the certification if you need any.

MedVisit is committed to help you so you can just focus in enjoying your stay as much as possible, no worries needed!


Certified vaccines and assistance


If you or anybody in your crew forget to get the right vaccines to travel in or out of Spain and you’re worried you might not find it anywhere, don’t! One of our English speaking doctors can go to the place you and your crew are staying and put the certified vaccine on whoever needs it.

Most of the times sickness during travelling is a simple situation that can be solved within an hour or two. Don’t lose time going to a hospital that will keep you there for hours and may intervene with your travel schedule, bothering your whole tripulation for just one small problem. Our doctors are also ready to help if one of your members fall ill.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need assistance from a doctor or just a diagnosis of your health condition, don’t hesitate to call us. One of our English speaking doctors can go to wherever you are and give you proper recipe if you need one and tell you the best place to find it close to you. If you need another kind of assistance or if you need to go to a medical center, our doctors will also take care of every specific detail so you don’t have to worry.


MedVisit is your best choice! Feel free to call us and book a visit now for you or one of your members.

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