control blood glucose level

10 easy tips to lower blood sugar levels

Do you know how to control your blood glucose level? If you suffer or live with someone who suffers from diabetes, you already know that it is a chronic disease. And, although there are better times, there is always the risk that the levels get out of control. That’s why from MedVisit we want to give you some tips so you know how to lower its presence in the blood.

Control diabetes, a chronic disease

If you are going to have to live with this disease, the main thing is to follow up and measure your blood sugar regularly, as well as keep a close eye on your diet to avoid any kind of surprises. To help you with this task, here are some tips to help you reduce these amounts when they start to be excessive.

1. Integrate exercise into your routine

Sport is recommended by doctors Barcelona and has endless benefits. One of them is to teach and stimulate your body to use blood glucose to feed itself. Or what is the same, instead of accumulating, this will nourish your muscles and will be absorbed by them when they are activated. An excellent way to slightly lower your levels.

2. Reduce carbohydrates from your diet.

Pasta or rice are part of the basis of the diet, but if you are a diabetic person, you have to replace them with vegetables or other types of food. The reason? When carbohydrates are broken down in your blood they release glucose. Obviously not as much as chocolate, for example, but an amount that, accumulated, can cause health problems. So reduce them.

3. More fiber

Continuing with food, fiber is excellent for eliminating and controlling blood sugar levels. Not only by breaking it down. Also, it is satiating, so you won’t miss carbohydrates as much. It’s an excellent combination of properties.

4. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated helps you dilute any substance in your blood properly. The more water, the lower the proportion of sugar in your body and, therefore, the lower your glucose levels. This can serve as a routine and as practice for occasional spikes you may begin to experience.

5. Control what you eat

In your body, in the end, chemical processes rule. And these need, above anything else, to have the right measurements to stay in control. Therefore, you will have to start weighing very carefully what you eat. Obviously, this is something you don’t have to do as strictly if you eat out, but at home it will be useful. You will then be able to see how your blood glucose behaves and start to control it properly.

6. Foods with low glycemic index

This advice is a bit obvious, but it is worth pointing out. Obviously, no sweets or processed foods. Go for legumes, sweet potatoes, meats, fish and eggs. It is in proteins and fiber that you will find the food friends that will help you control your sugar levels perfectly.

7. Try to sleep disciplined

When your body sleeps little, it suffers hormonal changes, and these can also be noticed in the blood. It is there, in the worst nights, when your levels can increase more drastically. In addition, too little sleep is often an incentive to have a bigger appetite. If you are rested, you will eat less and your body will process food much better.

8. Keep your weight down

Eliminate body fat, as it will be a way to lower your blood sugar levels. Of course, if you follow a diet rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates and, in addition, you exercise, it will be easy to fulfill this step.

9. Try apple cider vinegar

It is a substitute for other types of vinegars with more glucose. But it also has the property of controlling the glucose in your blood. Therefore, it will not only give flavor to your meals, but it will also help your body.

10. Berberine

It is an active component of a Chinese herb that has proven for years to be a good remedy for high glucose levels. Find a place to buy it and consume it regularly to give your body an extra boost.

Keep a close eye on it

You also have to keep a well-measured control of the sugar in your blood. You have to know, for example, when glucose is considered high to know when to go to the doctor. And, when your levels shoot up, you will need to go to one of your trusted English-speaking doctors in Barcelona so that he or she can help you. Because in the face of such a disease, it is especially important to have expert monitoring.

In short, controlling your blood glucose level should be part of your daily routine if you suffer from diabetes. By changing some habits and following these tips, you will manage to control the sugar peaks and lead a completely normal and healthy life, without having to worry about your health.