How Alcohol Is Affecting You

Alcohol is really present in our life. We see it everywhere, from dinner tables at home to bars and events. Drinking too much, whether it is on a single time or over time, can damage and cause negative changes to your organism and general health leading to disease. Are you aware of its effects? Here’s how alcohol is affecting you:

How drinking alcohol is affecting you physically

Have you ever asked yourself how alcohol is affecting you? Multiple parts of our body are affected because of drinking alcohol. If you think you are healthy and meanwhile you are drinking alcohol regularly, you are quite wrong.

There are multiple effects of alcohol consumption. Your brain, heart, liver, pancreas, and immune system are the main victims. First of all, the brain can be modified on the way it looks and, most importantly, on the way it works. As a consequence, mood and behavior can change and the coordination of the body can be negatively affected. On the other side, heart health problems such as strokes, arrhythmias and high blood pressure can also develop from alcohol consumption. Furthermore, drinking in large quantities damages the liver in a great measure, causing a variety of problems and generating inflammation. As we have mentioned, the pancreas is also affected by drinking alcohol. As it starts creating toxic substances that can lead to serious diseases like pancreatitis or problems with digestion. Finally, our immune system can be seriously weakened.

If you want to be healthy you need to make an effort and be willing to change your habits.

effects on the body


How drinking alcohol is affecting you emotional and mentally

As we have said before, drinking alcohol has serious effects on the brain. The most serious effect is that it changes its functioning. Drinking alcohol is linked to multiple mental health issues that include depression, memory loss, and suicide.

The brain needs stability in order to work well and be healthy. It relies on chemicals and processes that need to be stable. What drinking alcohol causes, as a depressant, is instability and unexpected changes that have a negative impact on the brain. As we increase the dose we are drinking or the tendency to drink, the consequences worsen and the impact on our brain function increases.

One of the mental effects of drinking alcohol is the appearance of negative thoughts and emotions that have a great impact on our mental health and emotional stability.  Many people have noticed becoming much more aggressive, anxious, and depressed, among other things. What is more, psychiatric syndromes are a common consequence of drinking alcoholic substances and once you develop one of them, it is really hard to recover completely. Don’t doubt asking for our medical advice if you find yourself in this situation. Being mentally and physically healthy is crucial to have a good life. We are always willing to help you!

A general look

According to WHO, on a global scale, more than 2.5 million deaths each year are due to alcohol consumption. Also, it causes a large number of disabilities and poor health of millions of people around the globe. All in all, the harmful use of alcohol causes 51% of global diseases.

This means that drinking alcohol has a huge impact on the average health of people around the world. You might be asking yourself why is it that no one really talks about it or sanctions certain publicity campaigns. What is more, we have even been told that drinking is healthy. The answer is that the alcohol industry brings much more benefit than what we imagine and, sadly, in our society money comes before people and education. That’s why you should try to inform and teach yourself about this issue if you want to avoid having any disease. The only way to improve this situation is education, being aware of the dangers of drinking alcohol both to our physical and psychical health. Also, learning about the importance of being healthy and caring about your mind and body.

Many actions can be taken in order to reduce alcohol consumption. For instance, taxes on alcoholic beverages could increase. and advertising companies could have more restrictions on alcohol campaigns. Also, the availability of retailed alcohol could be restricted. Nevertheless, we are far from achieving a real change and it won’t happen until we give it the importance it deserves.

Be healthy, stay in control

In order to stay in control and be healthy, as we have said, it is crucial to be informed and be aware of what drinking alcohol really implies. Also, it is important to be surrounded by people who care about you and want the best for you, as they will help you control the amount of alcoholic substances you are drinking. Finally, don’t ever be afraid about asking for help if you need it. There is nothing to be ashamed of, we all make mistakes and need help sometimes, and asking for help is a sign of strength more than anything else. Being healthy should be your priority.

Alcohol consumption should be taken more seriously as it has a huge range of serious mental and physical health problems and diseases. This is why in MedVisit we believe in good mental health as the basis of a stable and healthy life.


If you need help fighting alcoholism, you want to start drinking less, start being more healthy or you have any other mental or physical problem don’t doubt contacting us! We are doing online medical visits, always willing to help you. Anytime, anywhere.