Does nature increase our well-being?

During a long time, people didn’t know how the environment or nature affected our health. But, nowadays, it is widely known that our surroundings and how they influence our choices are key to build a healthy lifestyle. Do you want to know more about it? Keep reading!

In what ways can our environment affect us?

Since the beginning of humanity, we have been sensitive to our surroundings to survive. We have an innate awareness of our environment and seek out environments with certain qualities.

We, as humans, have certain necessities, such as security and safety. In our environment we look for specific characteristics such as physical and psychollogical comfort.


Many studies have shown that our environment affects our health in multiple ways. What is more, there are deaths that are caused especifically as a result of the environment. Problems such as pollution, contamined water or lack of adequate sanitation are the reason why it happens.

By understanding the ways in which our environment impacts our health we are able to be more conscious and make the necessary changes in favor of greater health and wellbeing of mind and body.






Most of us, will agree on the fact that, after spending a couple of days in contact with nature we feel a sense of deeper calm and tranquility. We feel good, but does it measurably affect our well-being?

Many studies agree on the fact that nature has some kind of healing powers. Why? Well, it has been proved that when being in contact with nature, our feelings are less toxic or negative and stress is highly reduced. Moreover, nature can soothen us by helping us cope with negative and hurtful situations or feelings. What is more, studies confirm that after spending time outside radical mood changes happen, allowing us to feel more calm and balanced. Finally, another important benefit of nature is that it enables us to feel more connected. Nowadays, we live in a world in which despite being surrounded by electronic devices, which theoretically connects us, we feel more lonely than ever. Therefore, drepression has arisen and taxes of suicide have rapidly increased. That’s why nature is important. It allows us to connect to each other deeply and have a wider sense of ourselves.

benefits of nature

Benefits of being in contact with nature at work

Have you ever thought about the benefits of nature to our well-being at work? Being exposed to nature does really make an impact to our health?

Truth is that studies have confirmed it really makes a positive impact. First of all, a concrete study on Perceptual Pleasure and the Brain conducted by american scientists claims that viewing nature is a physically pleasurable experience. Also, another study demostrated that employee’s well-being increases by a 15% when exposed to natural elements and that in order to preserve good productivity levels it is key to include more windows and natural light to the office, provide open air spaces to walk and adding greenary spaces nearby.




What are the impacts of a negative environment?

One of the main concequences of a negative environment is stress. As you may know, stress has many negative effects to our well-being, among which we find the ones below.



Toxic stress has been called public health enemy number one, and time in nature can be an effective counterbalance. If you find yourself in need of nature, try reprograming your priorities, because your health should be your number one goal. You must find moments to relax and be in contact with nature, by doing it, you will experience more energy and a deeper sense of well-being.

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