low back pain

Low back pain: Symptoms and proper treatment

If you have or have suffered from back pain, surely you have asked yourself more than once how to get rid of low back pain quickly. The truth is that there are not always miraculous solutions, but there are medium and long-term ways to almost completely eliminate this type of pain so that it does not appear again. We tell you about them in MedVisit.

What is low back pain and why does it occur?

Low back pain is a very specific type of pain that is located in the lower back, just above the hip. In addition, you can also find in this area muscle contractures, overloads or other types of problems that generally radiate pain to other areas of the back. It is a discomfort that can take many forms and can present itself in different ways.

Generally, from the age of 45 or 50 is when it begins to appear, either chronically or occasionally. Although also if you are a young person it is normal that you can feel this pain, as it does not always have to do with muscle problems or sports injuries. Sometimes it is the way of life itself that can induce you to suffer these discomforts.

What are the causes of low back pain?

The truth is that there is no single cause. Such a large area of the body can hurt for many reasons. These are some of the most common ones:

1. Muscle strain

This is one of the least worrisome causes. It can happen when you lift something heavy or do force, that is to say, when you give a demand to that muscle, causing small breaks of fibers, excessive stretching or muscle bending. However, the fact that it is not particularly serious does not mean that the pain cannot be stabbing, aggressive and very disabling.

2. Lumbar disc herniation

A slightly more complex condition in which the pain may be more intense and difficult to recover from. What does it consist of? Well, mainly in the compression of the lumbar nerve root. In other words, the nerve that passes through the spine is twisted or pinched. The main problem is that the pain can range from one or two days to several months or even months. Also, on many occasions, the pain radiates and may end up directly in the foot or leg, away from the back.

3. Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

A rather more complex option. It is the slippage of a vertebra until it invades the empty space it shares with a neighboring vertebra. It usually occurs during childhood, in falls or blows, but does not usually cause problems until adulthood, when it becomes much more disabling. The pain shifts a lot to the muscles of the buttocks and legs and usually forces you to remain seated to make it go away, so it can be especially limiting when it appears.

4. Arthrosis of the facet joints

Another possibility lies in a degenerative cause. In this case, you will be losing the cartilage of that joint, being a particularly worrying situation, as it has the option of degenerating into sciatica. If you need English-speaking doctors to evaluate this option, do not hesitate to contact them.

5. Fracture or trauma

Finally, a blow may also have caused damage to the area in multiple ways. This can create pain, decompensation or problems of all kinds that a traumatologist has to measure. In this way, a good recovery will always be possible.

What to do in case of low back pain?

We are going to give you some advice that, on a general level, can be very useful:

  • Sitting correctly. Postural hygiene is key to avoid movements in the spine or deviations that end up causing you more damage. Especially if you work sitting down, for example. So, do not skimp on acquiring good chairs and keep your back straight and your eyes straight ahead.
  • Play sports. Exercise is always healthy to solve muscle problems and complications. Obviously, a doctor will have to advise you on what you can do (if you have serious causes of low back pain). In general, it is the compensatory ones that can help you the most to alleviate discomfort in the area. Thus, training the abdominal area will be an excellent idea, so that it bears the pressure and frees your lower back a little
  • Mobility and stretching. Finally, the best way for the muscles to be relaxed and not to exert greater tension on your back is to ensure that they have good mobility and elasticity. Stretch every day and practice movement exercises to adapt your muscles well. It will be very helpful to relieve you at specific moments.

Now that you have seen how to remove low back pain quickly and you have discovered that it is a process that requires changes in your life, it is time to implement them and not leave them for another time. When faced with pain, the first thing to do is to discover the cause that originates it and then act accordingly. The health of your back is fundamental to guarantee a good quality of life. Take care of it! Our English speaking doctors in Barcelona can help you.