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Melasma: What are the Best Treatments?

Melasma is a rare skin condition that causes black or blue-gray patches on the skin. The condition can also create freckle spots on the skin. It is a common skin disorder that happens due to the overproduction of specific hormonal cells and even by exposure to the sun. The commonly affected areas comprise the cheeks, forearms, upper lips, and forehead. Melasma is also called the “mask of pregnancy ” which is frequent among pregnant women. This skin condition darkens the skin, but it turns back into your original skin color with proper treatment and time.

There are mainly three types of Melasma, which include:

  1. Epidermal
  2. Dermatitis
  3. Mixed Melasma

In recent times, there are various treatments and medications available that help cure this skin condition. Always prefer to visit English-speaking doctors in Barcelona as they are knowledgeable and have years of experience. Therefore, some of the best treatments to cure Melasma are as follows:

Include exfoliation in your daily schedule

Exfoliation is an excellent way to keep your skin smooth and elegant. With the help of including exfoliation in your daily routine, you will be able to maintain your skin efficiently, even reducing the effects of skin disorders like Melasma. A scrubber is usually required while performing the exfoliation process. With the help of the scrubber, one can keep their skin intact and smooth, making it glow at times. However, this treatment is only applicable when it comes to treating epidermal Melasma.

Lasers to treat Melasma

Lasers, also known as Light Amplification of Stimulated Emissions of Radiation, help individuals remove any permanent or temporary marks from their skin. It is a ray of light energy that focuses on particular targets on the skin to destroy it. Chromophores, which include melanin, are the laser targets for skin whitening. Usually, low-energy conservative treatments are recommended to reduce the chances of rebound pigmentation. It is one of the treatments considered by various doctors in Barcelona , for treating Melasma.

Topical Creams to reduce the effects of Melasma

Various medications help improve the skin disorder known as Melasma. These prescribed topical creams help reduce the effects of Melasma and prevent the disorder from spreading. The common ingredients in these creams include hydroquinone, kojic acid, and tranexamic acid. Doctors keep one updated on the number of times one should apply the cream to reduce the effects of Melasma.

Absorbic Acid

Absorbic acid, commonly known as Vitamin C, helps treat and reduce the effects of Melasma. Various doctors recommend using and consuming Vitamin C to ensure the proper treatment of skin disorders. Although Melasma might not reduce to treatments initially, it reduces with time and heals at its own pace. However, one must try to avoid direct exposure to the sun and maintain efficient precautions to stop the further spread of the skin condition.

Final Words

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