Most frequent eye injuries in summer

Are you used to having eye problems or injuries in summer? This is very common. Think that at this time of the year the sunlight is much stronger and can be especially incisive and hurtful to your eyes. In these cases, the best thing is prevention, and at MedVisit we offer it to you. In this article we are going to explain everything you need to know about it.

Why is it so important to take care of your eyes in summer to avoid eye injuries?

What is it about summer that can be so harmful to your eyesight? On the one hand, the dryness of the environment and the high temperatures can dry out your eyes and irritate them easily. It is common knowledge that more intense light always damages the retinas of lighter colors (such as blues and greens).

In the same way, during the summer you always spend much more time in the water, whether in swimming pools, in the sea… In the case of the former, it can be relatively easy to get bacteria in your eyes or suffer irritation due to the chemicals contained in the water, such as chlorine. On the other hand, the sea can irritate and end up damaging your eyeball little by little, as well as the sand which, if it is very fine, can get into your eyes and cause small scratches.

As you can see, these are not serious inconveniences, unless you let them pass and do not treat them in time. The main eye diseases or problems that English-speaking doctors treat in summer have what is known as a cumulative effect. This means that if you let it go, significant damage can occur.

Typically, you can end up with cataracts or age-related eye muscle degeneration, both of which are worrisome conditions that can severely limit your vision. That’s why the foresight to take care of your eyes in summer is so important.

Pay attention to typical summer eye injuries to learn about them and how you can prevent them.

The most common summer eye injuries

The most likely conditions are shown below.


A very common disorder that has probably happened to you at one time or another. It can have multiple symptoms. From dryness to redness and swelling of the eyes. The redness is, mainly, what can always be perceived. In itself it is not a serious problem, at least initially.

What causes it? Bacteria or viruses that may be floating in the water. It is simply an inflammation of the conjunctiva, a membrane that surrounds the eyeball. And why do they attack the eye? Easy. In the case of microorganisms in the sea, they can find a very comfortable home in your eye, as it has an adequate concentration of salt and moisture.

Similarly, in the case of the swimming pool, the danger would be from chlorines. These are substances associated with sweat and urine. Therefore, a pool with too many swimmers or with poor hygiene measures can be a focus for eye infections.

How can you prevent this from happening? Maintain proper eye hygiene and keep water out of your eye (so don’t open your eyes when swimming, for example). Using diving goggles can be a useful resource to avoid conjunctivitis. And above all, never bathe with contact lenses, as they increase eye dryness.


And what happens when conjunctivitis is prolonged or even more serious than previously thought? In that case keratitis happens, an ulcer that can form on the eyeball and even lead to decreased vision.

Although it sounds serious, keep in mind that it is very rare. However, if you usually have sensitive eyes that are prone to irritation or infection, be especially careful, because you may be more likely to get it. That is why it is so important to know when to call an English-speaking doctors in Barcelona. Ideally, if the discomfort is no longer occasional, you should call him or her to prevent further illness.

Corneal erosions

Finally, the sun’s rays can also cause pain and problems in your eyes. From photokeratitis (a burn that occurs on the cornea) to dry eye or erosions, there are several problems that can appear. Ideally, if you are prone to eye discomfort, you should always wear quality prescription sunglasses. In this way, you can prevent the most harmful rays from reaching your eyes and causing corneal problems. And if you see that even so you continue to feel discomfort, consult with specialized doctors in Barcelona.

In conclusion, it is common to suffer more eye injuries in summer than during the rest of the year. The risks and dangers to which you are exposed are different. And that is why the best ally you can count on is prevention. Are you clear about everything you have to do?