New platform, the same quality service!

In this World Doctors Day, we celebrate with a new platform!

We love to make things easy for people who come to beautiful Barcelona. Because of this, we’ve improved our online platform to make it easier to go through all the services we offer. Our new platform is now faster, easier to use and more user friendly to everybody who needs a doctor in Barcelona.

Faster booking anytime, anywhere

Thanks to our new platform the process of booking a visit is now faster and more customizable. You can decide when you want the doctor to come visit you. Also, creating a profile helps you get a faster access to all of our services and everything you need to get better soon!

Get a profile on our platform

The new platform offers you a fully detailed form that helps the doctor get to know your status once its properly filled. Information like where you’re staying and your preferences will be taken into account to give you the best possible service whenever you need it. Your information help us pick the best doctor for your case and do the proper arrangements in advance if you’re going to need something else for your visit.

Once you get a profile done it will become even easier to book a visit with a doctor since all your information will be available for him or her.

Easier access to invoice

In need of an invoice? No problem! Sometimes our associate insurances ask the patients to deliver an invoice. This is asked in order to confirm the bill of the visit and get a refund. Wether if it’s for your insurance or for your personal record, with our new platform this will be easier than ever. You’re a few clicks away from downloading the invoice with every specific detail needed to receive a refund. This means you can get an invoice at anytime, anywhere. No intermediates!

A platform that benefits the doctors as well

With this new platform doctors can upload the patient’s medical report for future use of the patient and the doctor. This is very important and useful because it provides us with the special information needed to give you the best service possible. This platform also automates the process of booking a visit as it sends a notification to our doctors every time a booking is done. Then our algorithm chooses the best available doctor for your needs. And bring him or her right to your doorstep in no time. Win/win for everybody!

Want to try our new platform? Click here to book a visit now.