Tips for expats moving to Barcelona

Follow our guide for expats moving to Barcelona! If you would need to call a doctor in Barcelona, you can always count on us.

Working in Barcelona can be an amazing life experience for expats. The Mediterranean sea, the beach, the vibrant streets of Barrio Gotico, the rich culture, the architecture of Gaudi, the history and traditions, they all contribute to make Barcelona a unique destination for foreigners. Doctors Barcelona would like to give you some tips to survive your first days and to settle down in this city. If you would need to call a doctor in Barcelona, we are here to make healthcare simple and easier during your stay abroad.

1. Join groups or activities

tips for expats moving to BarcelonaYou just arrived in Barcelona and naturally, you would like to meet new people. People are really social, so I am sure you will find new friends. There are many groups activities in which you can participate. You can sign up to a new sport or hobby, but you can also participate in some Erasmus events. A great opportunity to meet new people is International, an online platform which organizes events for expats. You can register for online and you can participate in the different events they will organize during the year. The events are usually taking place in bars, restaurants or some venues with music. Another option is Meetup, it is a platform where you can meet people with the same interests, hobbies and so on.

2. Find a house

Barcelona has to offer a house for every taste. If you would like to live in the centre or in a quiet zone. You can already check some places via the internet, before landing, to have a general idea of the costs and of the neighbourhoods. One of the best websites to consult is Idealista, but you can find many of them online. The tips we give you is to look at a few houses before making a final decision. You can also take a house for a short stay in order to get to know the city and postpone your ‘long-term decision’.

3. Be prepared for bureaucracy

While dealing with Spanish bureaucracy, be patient. 

call a doctor in BarcelonaEmpadronamiento: Once you have a house, you need to be registered in the town hall of Barcelona.

NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero, or Foreigner Identification Number), is an identification number that you need to work and to have access to the social and economic activities in Spain.

The NIE is required for a lot of cases, including:

  • Opening a bank account,
  • Paying taxes,
  • Being paid for employment,
  • Starting a business in Spain,
  • Buying or selling a property,
  • Having access to social security.

First, you will need to book an appointment online. Because of the high requests, this can take a while. Make sure you check the official website on Monday early in the morning, they usually publish new appointments at the beginning of the week.

The second step, Which documents should you bring? The process is different for EU or non-EU citizens, for this we advise you to check the official website to have more information about the process and the documents required. 

4. How does the Health system work?

The Spanish heath care system is ranked amongst one of the best in the world and you can rely on both private or public healthcare. If you live or work in Spain officially, you have the right to have access to the public one. If you are an expat coming from outside Europe and you haven’t been officially registered yet you have to choose for private health insurance. If you would need a medical visit in Barcelona you could  call a doctor using our service Doctors Barcelona, our fast, simple and professional service.  

Who is covered by public health insurance in Spain?

  • EU citizen
  • If you are officially working or living in Spain
  • Pregnant woman resident in Spain
  • Children

If you would need to call a doctor in Barcelona you can always consult us. We will be happy to help you during your stay abroad, making healthcare simple and easy for you.

5. Language barrier? Take a Spanish Course

Barcelona is an international city, however, to be blending with new people it could be really helpful to find a Spanish course. In this way, you can completely plunge in the city’s culture and you could meet new people!

6. Visa

If you are not an EU resident, make sure you have the right visa.

A lot of countries can enter in Spain for 90 days without needing a visa. If you are not on this list or you would like to stay for a longer period, here you can find the different types of Visa:

  • Family reunification visa (visado de reagrupación familiar): this visa is for expats married to a Spanish citizen or are related to one.
  • Work visa (visado de residencia y trabajo por cuenta ajena): if you are moving for your work, you would need to provide an employment contract that you will need to submit with your visa application.
  • Student visa (visado de estudiantes): this type of visa is for a student visa if you are studying at a school or university, or are part of an exchange program. This visa includes your spouse or children.
  • Tourist visa (visado de turismo): you can apply for a tourist visa if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen and if your country doesn’t have an agreement with Spain. This visa is valid for up to 90 days. 

During your moving to Barcelona, we wish you all the luck and the very best during your stay in this amazing city. If you would need to call a doctor in Barcelona, you can always count on us.