Back to work? These tips are for you

All of us have been there. Summer is gone and the time to get back to our routine is coming. Some of us may feel stressed over coming back to work, so if you’re having trouble returning to your routine, here we bring you some tips to get you back on track in the best way possible. 

Regulate your sleep cycle

Going to bed early a few days before you go back to your activities is a massive must when it comes to start with the right foot. Vacations are the time for waking up late and setting no alarm at all, so it is important that you go back to your sleeping routine before going to work again. Overthinking and pressure over coming back can also affect on your sleep cycle, so it is best to plan ahead and get over the initial difficulty of going to sleep early before you need it. Our doctors recommend sleeping 8 hours a day, so make sure you get enough sleep at the right hours before going back to work. 

Clean your desk

Nothing is better to organize our minds than getting a fresh clean desk to restart your job activities. A great tip to get a boost on your productivity and get ready for going back to work is to declutter your work space and give it a nice makeover. Dispose of everything you don’t need anymore and rearrange the disposition of the stuff you got on your desk. Doing this will improve your mood and make you feel like you’re ready to start.

Stop using your phone!

Yes, yes. Your phone can be a huge distraction when it comes to going back to work. Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the responsibility you paused when you left is very common and can keep you distracted, so  when you’re going back to work stay away from your phone on working hours unless is strictly necessary. 

If using your phone is part of your work, you can block pop up notifications when you’re working or even download an app that will block your social media apps on certain hours to keep you focused on what’s important and boost your productivity. 

Check your to-do list and prioritize again

This is a tricky tip, because you may haven’t done a to-do list when you left. If you did, we recommend you to look at it once you’ve cleaned up your work space and you’re ready to start. Otherwise you may feel the pressure to start fast and not focus on cleaning which may be as important as everything else. Check on your list for deadlines and prioritize everything so you know where to start.

If you didn’t do your to-do list, it’s never too late to do one. Check on the next tips and you’ll be ready to go.  

Look in your mail for new assignments

Wether if you did or did not a to-do list when you left, a good way to stay on track with what’s going on in your office is to check your mail for updates or changes in your activities. If you use a team communication tool or app in your office, it’s also a good idea to take a look on what’s been going on in there and look for new tasks that may have come up while you were gone. Compare your to-do list with what you find or create a new one after checking for your assignments. 

Ask your manager for an update

A great way to start with the right foot is to meet with your manager and discuss how things evolved while you were gone. Ask for deadlines, confirm the information you’ve found in your e-mail or team communication tool and set up a list with your activities for the next days. Make sure to discuss what are the priority tasks you have and the ones you can do faster so you can organize your time effectively.

With these tips you’re a few steps closer to get all the motivation you need to go back to work productively and shake off the post-vacay blues. Good luck!