The most common diagnosis of this summer

Another summer is over and a lot of people went back home to work or study. Doctors Barcelona has decided to compile the most common diagnosis throughout this summer. If you are an expat, a tourist, or you are abroad for business, you can always book a medical visit in Barcelona with us. We give you the diagnosis and treatment for most of the illnesses and infections, with necessary prescriptions.

The most common diagnosis of DoctorsBarcelona’s patients this summer

 – Pharyngitis and tonsillitis

medical_visit_in_Barcelona_2What is it? It’s an inflammation of the back part of the throat, called pharynx. The most common cause of pharyngitis is an infection with a bacteria or a virus. This infection may involve different parts of the throat, but most commonly it can involve tonsils. Indeed while you are having pharyngitis, you may have tonsillitis too ( inflammation of the tonsils).


If you have pharyngitis you might have the following  symptoms:

• a sore throat,
• Pain swallowing,
• Red throat,
• Fever,
• Headache,
• Swollen glands in front of your neck,
• Enlarged tonsils.

You can prevent getting pharyngitis with a few little tips. We advise you to wash your hands frequently, especially after blowing your nose or after taking care of a child with a sore throat. If your child is affected and when he has been chewing on toys or objects, you should disinfect them. 

If instead someone in your home has pharyngitis, you should keep the cups and the eating utensils separated from the other people in the house.

– Sinusitis

 What is it? it consists of the inflammation of the sinuses. 

 Symptoms: The symptoms can include a blocked nose, pain and pressure around your eyes or your forehead and a reduced sense of smell. You may have a bit of fever as well. 

Normally Sinusitis will be gone after a few weeks.

– Cystitis

What is it? It’s an infection of the urethra which produces pain and discomfort. Most of the times, the infection is caused by a bacteria (Escherichia coli). 

Symptoms: While having cystitis you may feel a constant need to urinate and a pain while doing it. You may have fever or back pain and if more serious you can have the presence of blood in your urine. If you have those symptoms while being abroad, you can always book with us a medical visit in Barcelona.

– Gastroenteritis 

What is it? Gastroenteritis, also known as stomach flu, is a common condition that causes you diarrhoea and vomiting. 

Symptoms: The main symptoms are diarrhea, fever and vomiting. We advise you to drink enough water and to keep yourself hydrated. If you feel like eating, you should eat small amounts of plain foods, such as soup, rice, pasta and bread.

Gastroenteritis can be very unpleasant and it can usually be gone whitin a week. We advise you to see a doctor if the symptoms are not improving. Also, see a doctor if:

• You have severe diarrhea with the presence of blood

• You have fever above 38°C

• You’re vomiting constantly and you are not able to keep down any fluids 

If you would be traveling for work or pleasure and you would have this problem, you can always count on us for a medical visit in Barcelona

– Otitis

 What is it? Otitis is an infection of the ear. It can be otitis externa, otitis media or otitis interna.


In the case you would have otitis externa, you can have pain in and around your ears, itchiness in the ear canal, a slight hearing loss and the loss of liquid or pus from your ear. This type of otitis is also called “swimmer’s ear” because the exposure to water can make the ear more vulnerable to this inflammation.

The symptoms of the middle ear infection (otitis media) can be a high temperature (fever), a lack of energy, a slight hearing loss and earache.             

The otitis interna might cause dizziness and a ringing sound in your year.

 – Conjunctivitis

 What is it? It’s an inflammation of the conjunctiva ( the inside of the eyelids which cover the white of the eyes). 

Symptoms: if you have conjunctivitis your eyes are red and watery, you have an itchy feeling on your eye(s).

If the symptoms don’t improve after a few days, It would be time to see a doctor. 

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– Styes 

What is it? A stye is a small abscess of the oil gland of the eye.

The upper or lower eyelid becomes red, tender and swollen. 

Symptoms: If you have a stye, your skin may be red, swollen and you could have yellow pus similar to a pimple. The lump can be situated inside the eyelid or it can be around your eye. When it starts you can have the sensation to have something in the eye.

You should not use make-up or contact lenses on the affected eye until that the stye is healed.

You can treat the stye by dipping a clean flannel in warm water and hold it against your eye for a few minutes. You can repeat this treatment a few times a day.

If you are an expat, a tourist or you are on a business trip,  with Doctors Barcelona you can always book a fast and easy medical visit in Barcelona. Click here to book an appointment with our doctors in Barcelona.