9 Tips to do not miss to have a better sleep

Tired of being tired? Here are some tips that Doctors Barcelona have prepared for you to have a better rest. If those tips cannot help you, you can consult us for a doctor visit in Barcelona.


Sleeping it is fundamental for us to function during the day. We all need a good sleep and if we miss it we can experience fatigue, bad mood, or a lack of focus. On the other hand, a good night sleep can make us feel more energetic, happier, more focused.

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Why sleep matters?

Sleeping is the time for our body and our mind to rest. During this time we regain the energies we need to keep both mind and body running. If we have a lack of sleep, this can affect our emotions and our social interactions. Not to mention our poor concentration and our poor productivity when we are tired. Some researches show that if you have a bad sleep on regular basis this can bring consequences on your health and your mood.

Try our simple tips to change your lifestyle and help you sleep better. If those will not be helpful, you can always contact us for our English speaking doctors in Barcelona.

Stick to a regular bedtime schedule:

It can be really helpful to establish a sleep routine to help you rest better, for example by waking up at the same time each morning, even on weekends. In this way, you can maintain a more balanced sleeping lifestyle. 

Try to sport!

Exercise can be really helpful to have a better sleep. Go for a walk or a run in the morning or in the evening.

Make your room comfortable:

Your room is where your sleeping magics happen, make sure you keep it dark and quiet while going to bed. Many people think that spending time in the bed can make them fell asleep, instead the less time you spend in bed the better sleep you have when it is bedtime. If you cannot sleep you can sit somewhere quiet, like on your couch, and read a book until you get sleepy.

Turn off the TV, phone or tablets. Choose a book, music or a bath instead:

Peace and quiet are the best preconditions for good sleep. Turn off the TV, computer, mobile phone, before going to bed. The noise could stop your rest or interfere with it. Also, those can stimulate your brain and keep you awake. Turn off technology and choose a book instead, take a warm bath before going to sleep or listen to relaxing music. Your mind will then take a break and finally have a night rest. If to not sleep would be a trouble for you, remember that you can always contact our team for an English speaking doctor in Barcelona. 

Watch out what you eat:

Certain types of food can be the cause of a bad sleep at night. Make sure that your dinner is not too late in the evening and that you eat light meals. 

Try to avoid the following:


Sweets, chocolate and cookies in the bed can be a good goodnight snack. However, it is not ideal to sleep better . Eating a lot of sugar before going to sleep can give us a boost of energy and hold up your sleep.

Red meat

Read meats can take a long time to be digested. If you would have a late dinner, you should try to eat a lighter meal. In this way, you will feel better while going to bed.

Avoid alcohol

Too much food or alcohol, especially late at night, can interrupt your sleep patterns.

Avoid Caffeine

This one is a classic. A cup of coffee, tea or cola before going to bed can be the cause of sleepless nights. Drinks containing caffeine can have a stimulating effect 15 minutes after your first sip and the effect can last for 6 hours. If sleeping is a struggle for you, it is advisable to avoid caffeine during dinner or in the late afternoon.

Still not able to rest? Consult us for an English speaking doctor in Barcelona!