Tips to quit smoking

Smoking seriously harms your health. Health professionals, advertisements and also cigarettes boxes inform and encourage people to quit smoking. Nevertheless, 7 million people die as a consequence of tobacco every year, according to WHO. The last day of May is the “Non Tobacco Day” so, it could be a unique opportunity to give it up. Although, risks of smoking are well-known it’s important to

refresh them and remember that it’s a risk factor for developing:

– Lung cancer
– Cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases
– And also larynx, esophagus and mouth cancers

Also it provokes other physical consequences:

– Premature wrinkles
– Greyish skin
– Bad breath
– Stains on the teeth
– Caries
– Yellow stains in fingers and nails

The health benefits of quitting smoking start very fast after you take the decision:

1. The blood pressure will be normal
2. The risk of having a heart attack decreases
3. The taste and the sense of smell improve

These are only some of the benefits, you can check the rest here.

If you decide to quit smoking here are some tips to help you:

Calendar_to_quit_smoking1. Choose a specific day. Before that Day analyze why you smoke and in which situations you usually smoke. During this period also try to delay the first cigarette in the morning.
2. Write clearly your motivations to quit
3. Explain your decision to your friends, colleagues and family
4. Ask your doctor. He or she can give extra help.
5. Ask for information in a pharmacy

Feeling more grumpy or more hungry are some symptoms that could appear during the first days without smoking tobacco. If it occurs:

– Try to learn some techniques to relax yourself
– Eat fruits and drink more water if you feel hungry
– Do exercise
– Do activities that you enjoy
– Focus your attention on the benefits of your decision.