Tips to travel while being pregnant

Expecting while flying? Discover some of our tips on how to travel pregnant and how you can get a medical certificate in Barcelona.

Flying can be stressing for each one of us, especially if you are expecting a baby. For this reason, we thought to give some tips in order to help pregnant women having a nice and comfy departure. If you would be traveling for work or pleasure, Doctors Barcelona can provide you a medical certificate in Barcelona. Discover here when and how to get one.

Here are some tips to have a more comfortable trip while you are pregnant:

Check with your local doctor

Each pregnancy is different, make sure to check with your local doctor whether traveling is fine for you.

Check how the health system works at your destination and what your insurance covers abroad

traveling pregnant
Make sure you know how the health system works in the country you are traveling too. If you are a pregnant European citizen travelling in Spain, you can use your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to get the necessary medical treatments you need in every public healthcare centres and hospitals. Make sure your EHIC is still valid while you are travelling. If you are not an EU citizen, we advise you to see what your health insurance covers while abroad.


You can take short walks along the ail or you can try to stretch your legs in order to keep your blood circulating.

Choose comfort

Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes while you are traveling, it will help you to feel comfier.

Check your airline

Each airline has different rules and policies on pregnant women. Make sure that you check yours on time.

Here you can find some of them:


You are allowed to travel up to the 28th week of pregnancy without a medical certificate.


Pregnant women beyond 36 weeks need to have a medical certificate in order to travel.


The future mothers can fly up to their 28th week of pregnancy. After that, the airline requires women to have a ‘fit to fly’ certificate in order to travel.


You are allowed to travel up to the 27th week of pregnancy without a medical certificate.


Pregnant women can travel without restrictions until their 28th week of pregnancy, after that a medical certificate is required.


There are no restrictions for pregnant women that decide to travel. It is recommended to have a medical clearance if you are expecting twins, having a complicated pregnancy or if you are in your last month of pregnancy.


A medical certificate is required if the pregnant traveler is flying between the 28th and 35th week of the pregnancy.


This air company is recommending pregnant women to not fly after the 36th week.

Brussels Airlines

You are allowed to fly until your 28th week. A medical clarification is needed if you are in a complicated pregnancy, if you carry twins or multiple pregnancies and after the 28th week.

British Airways

Pregnant women cannot travel after their 36th week. If you are expecting more than one baby you cannot fly after the 32nd week. After the 28th week is required a medical certificate to confirm the air company that you are allowed to fly.


Pregnant women can travel until their 36th week of pregnancy, if you have a complex pregnancy you will need a medical certificate.

Norwegian Air

Pregnant women need a medical certificate between the 4th and the 2nd week before the date of delivery. If you are less than 2 weeks from your delivery, it is recommended to not fly.


If you would be traveling while pregnant and if you would be in need of a medical certificate in Barcelona, we will give you the assistance and the care you need.