How to cure a cold and how to prevent it?

Doctors Barcelona give you some tips on how to cure a cold and how to prevent it.

The weather is changing, winter is coming! This time of year you can easily start coughing, sneezing or have a sore throat. Cold lures around the corner but don’t worry,  Doctors Barcelona gives you some tips on how to cure a cold quickly with some smart moves. You should start feeling better between one week or two. If you would feel sick and in need of a doctor during your stay in Barcelona, you can always count on Doctors Barcelona. One of our house call doctors will be at your door in 45’ minutes.

You have a cold if:

• your nose is blocked or runny

• you have a sore throat

• you have headaches

• you have muscle aches

• you are coughing and sneezing

• you have a raised temperature

• you can feel a loss of taste and smell

How to cure a cold:

So, now that you have got a cold, what are the best tips to feel better soon? Here you can find our advice:

house call doctors in Barcelona-Rest well and sleep

Resting enough should be your priority number one. Your body needs time to heal. Stay at home and make sure to be warm.

-Drink enough water

It’s really important to stay hydrated. Always keep a glass of water or a warm tea next to you. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

-Keep yourself warm

It is fundamental to stay warm, otherwise, you will not feel better and your cold won’t be cured. Stay home, especially if the weather is cold or rainy.

– Gargle salt water

You can use salt water to soothe your sore throat. Try to gargle a few times.

How to prevent a cold

In this season, you can also follow some steps in order to protect yourself.

– Wash your hands

Make sure that you wash your hands frequently, hand washing is extremely effective. Make sure you do it in the right way like it is shown in this tutorial.  

– Do not touch your face

Just a few virus particles are enough to infiltrate your mucous membranes and make you sick. 

– Watch out for contamination

When surrounded by people who have a cold you should try not to get contaminated. Avoid physical contact and don’t touch objects touched by infected people.

In the end, prevention is the best we can do in order to not get sick!

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