How To Have Healthier Skin

Find out the best tips in order to have healthy skin!

Do you really know what to do in order to have healthy skin? Here are some tips for you! If you need some personalized tips, don’t miss out! Contact a house call doctor in Barcelona now!

Tips to Have Healthier Skin:

1. Protect Yourself From The Sun

Summer is approaching and we will be exposed to sunlight again. It is so important to protect your skin from the sun! Long exposure can cause a number of problems. These include wrinkles, age spots, and increased risks of skin cancer. It is so important to use a good sunscreen in order to protect yourself. Also, you may want to try and avoid sun in its warmer hours. While you are under the sun, don’t forget to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

2. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is bad in general, but widely contributes to looking older sooner. It is also a huge cause of wrinkles. Smoking decreases blood flow, which makes complexion pale and gray. This also damages the nutrients in your body and contaminates the oxygen that your body needs.  

Smoking greatly increases your risk of various types of cancer.

If you smoke, the first best way to protect your skin is to quit immediately.

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 3. Skin & Self Care

Daily self care is fundamental for a healthier skin. Try to use a gentle fragrance free soap, warm water, and a product that can protect and give hydration to your skin.

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4. Follow A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is also essential. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Also, drink water! Learn why water is so important for us in our previous article. It helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Most importantly, do a lot of exercise. Why don’t you go running or walk to the city?

5. Avoid stress

Stress is never good. When it is uncontrolled your skin suffers the consequences. To encourage healthier skin and healthy lifestyle try to manage your stress! Exercise, meet friends, make sure you are getting enough sleep, and have time for the things you enjoy. Read our previous post on how to manage stress!

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