Medical & Wellness in the Hotel Industry

Each year, more and more people are crossing borders to travel to new places and experience new cultures. Vacationing in this era is more popular now than ever. When traveling, no one plans to get sick or for an injury to occur. However, things do happen. With this being said, access to healthcare services is becoming increasingly important. Especially for a hotel, a travelers temporary home, it is important to understand their role in the guest’s care. Many hotels realize this, and are making an effort to partner with medical companies that promote the best practices and allow tourists to get the most out of their stay abroad.

Hotel Doctors

Having doctors who visit tourists in their hotel rooms can make a great addition to any hotel’s concierge office. Their goal should be to make their stay as comfortable as possible, while working with the guest or the guest’s caregiver to ensure that all of the doctor’s care instructions are followed. This may require that a nurse or patient assistant administer injections, change bandages or take a guest’s blood pressure. While these activities seem very hospital oriented, they are actually part of the normal aftercare process. In fact, it can be administered safely outside a hospital environment. 

House Calls Are Becoming Popular Again

Many hotels are now partnering with on call, traveling doctors. Barcelona is a major tourist destination, especially during the sunny summer months. With tourism becoming so popular, hotels see the need to implement convenient, affordable, and quality medicine. Many hotels now provide the opportunity to see doctors from the comfort of their hotel room, lobby, or even poolside. Not only is this appealing for the guests, but gives them the most comfortable, hassle-free stay possible.

Many hotel guests are new to the Barcelona area and have little to no knowledge of how to get around. Learning the metro and other transportation systems is a whole other issue. Rather than hotels just giving you a list of doctor recommendations, then leaving you to go through the stress of then finding the address and the transportation to get there, hotels are going to the next step to make you the most comfortable by providing a list of highly recommended doctors that will come right to the hotel, so that you don’t have any other struggles.

Don’t Speak Spanish? No Problem.

English speaking doctors in Barcelona will offer convenient hotel visits 365 days a year 24 hours a day. Simply dial the number you receive from the hotel front desk or access the platform via smartphone, computer, or tablet. There is no longer a need to be confused when having to deal with language barriers.

Hotels are thrilled to be able to provide guests with the ability to receive quality care right at the hotel, sparking the attractiveness of the hotel’s hospitality. Being able to provide guests with the best experience, care, and amenities to ensure guests have a memorable Barcelona vacation is a top priority. It’s crucial to offer guests immediate access to quality care instead of allowing them to lose any of their valuable vacation time waiting in the lobby of an urgent care clinic. 

This kind of service saves vacations by letting guests see professional, caring doctors for a variety of conditions, essentially anywhere. Many travelers forget to pack their prescription drugs, like blood pressure or cholesterol medicine. Other times they get sick and find themselves in need of medication and a doctor’s note excusing them from that expensive excursion trip they booked. Being able to get medical care with a quick online doctor’s visit not only saves them valuable vacation time, it can also save them a lot of money.

From scrapes, sunburns, respiratory infections, and the common cold, to convenient prescription refills and notes, Doctors Barcelona treats a wide range of minor and common illnesses in patients of all ages.

Doctors Barcelona, a team of professional English speaking doctors, accepts most insurance, including travel insurance. Guests who aren’t insured, credit card or PayPal is also accepted as payment in an affordable rate of 150€. Did you find out that your home insurance will reimburse you? An invoice will be provided for an insurance refund.

The next time a visitor to Barcelona comes down with a case of the sniffles, they’re encouraged to stop by the front desk of their hotel and get expert care from Barcelona’s most trusted team of doctors.