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What are the symptoms of the flu and how it can be treated?

Ok, you got the flu. Now what? Discover the symptoms, the treatments and the prevention of this virus in our weekly post!

Influenza (or commonly known as flu) is a respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus. It is normally very contagious, you can catch this virus very easily via the air or via infected people. Most flu cases occur during winter. We all get flu in our lives, you can feel weak and tired for a week but then you start to feel better. However, sometimes, you can develop complications such as pneumonia. If you feel sick while travelling, we are here to help you heal and to take care of you. You can contact our doctors via our platform. Click here to book an appointment with an English speaking doctor in Barcelona.


Feeling weak, cold and without energy? Maybe you got the fever. Let’s see now what are the symptoms of this virus.

Flu symptoms generally include: 

• Fever,

• Chills, English doctor in Barcelona

• Headache,

• Aching muscles,

• feeling tired and weak, 

• Having a sore throat,

• Coughing.

The flu normally stays from 5 to 7 days and its symptoms generally stay maximum 4 days ( some symptoms can vary from one person to another). 

Many times we can confuse the flu with a cold. For this reason, we have been thinking to explain the differences between those two:

It is a cold if :

  • You are sneezing,
  • You have a low-grade fever,
  • You have a moderate headache,
  • You have moderate coughing,
  • You have muscles pain,
  • You feel tired and weak.

Do you have a cold and you want to get better soon? Read our advice on how to cure a cold.

 It is the flu if:

  • You have a high fever,
  • You feel weak and tired,
  • You have a severe headache,
  • You have muscle pain,
  • You have severe couching.

How to treat yourself when you get the flu?

Ok, you got the flu. What now? Make sure you rest well and stay warm. You should drink plenty of fluids especially water or warm drinks. Call an English speaking doctor in Barcelona if you do not feel better after a few days. Doctors Barcelona is taking care of you while travelling, we come directly to the door of your home or hotel. Your health is our priority.

How to prevent it?

Better safe than sorry, they say. You can  prevent the flu in many simple ways:


  • Remember to wash your hands:

Washing your hands with soap and water can help you prevent to get the virus. If you cannot wash your hands, you can use an antibacterial gel instead. Make sure you wash your hand properly, like in this tutorial.


  • Keep the distance:

If you are surrounded by people with flu, make sure you keep the distance. In this way, you can avoid catching the virus.


  • Avoid the contact:

If someone is sick at home, make sure you keep the distance. Avoid using the cutlery or to drink from the glass of the affected person.

If you catch the flu while travelling and you need to consult an English speaking doctor in Barcelona,  you can count on us! Click here to book a visit with our English speaking doctors now.